​2016 Habit for Humanity Christmas Party

Jack and I want to thank you again for all your hard work, creativity, and especially doing the gluten-free menu. ​ I was very happy to give your contact info to one guest who asked, and I believe another woman used the word “phenomenal” to describe the food and presentation. So - thank you all very much. - Patricia Canfield Wilson

2016 Rose City Classic Gymnastics Meet

We absolutely loved that you were able to cater again this year!  I heard nothing but grand compliments on the food.  You all really did an amazing job.  I can't imagine how this meet was supplied with food before we found you!  Even though the judges didn't seem to eat much...they were overwhelmed with how good it was. We can't thank you enough.  - Tammy Proctor


Here are some of the events done by Azalea Food Company.  Our clients have been pleased with the outcome of the events food selection.  So much that we have had several businesses that use The Azalea Food Company regularly.  Please feel free to contact us for any and all of your upcoming events.  

Darby Owen's Sweet 16 Party 

Friday was amazing!  John said to tell you guys the food was incredible!  Darby was so over the moon.  I can't thank y'all enough!!! - Beck Owens

Comments from some Satisfied Customers

​Tyler Historical Society Annual Appreciation Reception

A quick thank you. We got so many compliments on the food and the service. Now I've got to think of another event for you to cater.  - ​John

​Melissa Gattis Wedding Reception​​
I just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for the teamwork, service and excellent experience your team showed last night.  Not only did they show up and work efficiently as always, BUT they went the extra mile to make things run smoothly again, when we had a few unexpected last minute requests.

We had several people personally come up and brag about the professionalism of the azalea staff and the quality and taste of the food!  There was not one plate that wasn't eaten, and not one single complaint.  In fact, quite the opposite!  Everyone was thrilled with the menu last night!  One man, said he personally owns a restaurant and that he was thoroughly pleased with the food and gave us the advice to never let you guys get away from us!  Lol!  He was impressed and that says a lot coming from another restaurant owner, I know!

With all that being said, although you always do an excellent job, I wanted to let you know that the guests of this wedding reception were truly impressed!  It was a pleasure to work with you last night as always, and thank you again for an outstanding job well done! From all of us...✔A++++++! Thank you, Jennifer L. Aparicio with Belle Vue Event Center

2017 Rose City Classic Gymnastics Meet 

We cannot thank you enough for the spectacular service you provided again for the fourth year!  It's always our hope to impress the judges & the coaches and your food did that in "spades"!  We got nothing but compliments on everything!!  You went over & beyond.  We really loved having you there.  Thank you SO very much!  We can't recommend you highly enough to everyone we know!  Your food was such a success! - Sincerely, Tammy Proctor with Texas East Gymnastics

​Seibert Wedding Reception 

I am delayed in sending a thank you but we just wanted to send our appreciation for everything that you all have done. The food was fabulous!!!​   - Margaret & Barry Erskine​

Ladies Brunch

Thanks for the great brunch today!  Everyone was very complimentary about the salad and quiche selections and I was happy to get to bring one home for supper! - ​Sarina